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We need your help getting the word out about our news community. This is a place where anyone can have a voice, and the more voices we have the better our community will be. We encourage you to invite any and everyone to check us out. 

We are different than any news provider because we constantly interact and listen to our community. We will take direct messages from you and respond as timely as possible. We try and answer questions about stories, and give you the best possible news experience you can have. 

The main steam media takes your viewership for granted. They don't think you have any other option than to watch them. Prove them wrong.


The reason Freedom Authority is the best news, is because it is YOUR news. We can spread the word on stories you find and bring light to things you have connected. The main stream media depends on a biased group of individuals to bring them content, we depend on you.

Send us your stories, no matter what it is we want to hear it. Maybe you have a full blown story you want us to breakdown for everyone, or maybe you simply want to share a simple fact you found, all of it will help. 

We take all the information we receive and use it either directly or indirectly. One small piece of information you send us could help shed light on bigger pictures. 


At this time we depend solely on donations in order to bring you Freedom Authority. Help us keep this an ad-free place and support us with a donation today. We are fighting billion dollar news industries that won't even give us the truth. We need your help! 

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