I was born in 1991 in Charlotte, North Carolina, to a blue-collar family. My parents had a total of 4 children; I was the youngest 10 years behind my brother. My father supervised a manufacturing plant for over 30 years, working long 12-hour shifts, often 48 hours or more per week, while my mother ran a paper route at 5 a.m every morning with the kids in the car. My parents were very hard workers that tried their best to give us the greatest childhood possible. My father often admits he could probably have a much larger retirement right now if he didn't stretch it to make sure we had the youth he dreamed of us having, and I believe every word of it, he would spend his last dollar to make us smile.

I did what I needed to do in school, but that was about it. I have always focused heavily on the task at hand and do my absolute best at it. If I am not interested in something, I have a hard time staying focused for a long period of time. Though I graduated from school, I didn't feel like it gave me enough options to really explore what I wanted to do. I was given the option to go to college, but I didn't want to. I didn't enjoy school, so I didn't feel like I would enjoy college either. I have also always challenged the status quo and did not buy into people telling me I had to go to college to succeed. I know college can be beneficial to some, but I think it can also cause massive debt and lifelong issues for people who go to a school without really knowing exactly what they want to do, and for me, when I was 18, I did not have that figured out yet.


When I was 19, my father and I decided to take his part-time business and go full-time. We worked together for over 10 years. Managing a blue-collar business. I learned a ton about hard work and a lot about business during those years. I really learned how hard of a worker my old man is, which I will never forget about him. Anytime I think I have it rough I just think back to the things I saw him do and I am instantly motivated to work harder.

That is why it hurts me to see hardworking Americans like my parents be silenced. I am tired of "the elite," taking advantage of our morals and ethics. The people giving the most into society are getting the least in return. I dream of creating a news reporting service that is balanced by the American people, not a private company of fact-checkers. With the American people behind me, I believe we can truly change the media-norm. I believe the American people deserve to hear both sides of the argument.

A modern news station isn't what it used to be. To be a popular reporter years ago meant to be someone of integrity and ethics. Someone willing to report things they might not personally believe because it was the right thing to do. You knew news reporters might have a personal preference, but it wasn't so obvious in their reporting style. Our simple solution is to make the American people the reporters. Our bloggers are currently all volunteers who only have America's best interest at heart. We eventually hope to grow large enough to compensate these hard-working writers for their work, which is why we ask the American people to back our ad-free platform with a donation to help us grow.



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